Wednesday, 8 January 2014

2014? That snuck up !

Hello 2014?

Haha looks like I let over a year pass between actually writing anything down in here... and I missed it!!!
A few things in life have changed for the Page family!!

I will start from the begining (well what feels like the begining)
Brooke Frances Page was born at 12:59 AM on November 28th 2012. It was early and so exciting !!! I will spare you the details of the process and all the silly hospital drama that followed ( its been over a year and i need to move on lol)

Bringing Brooke home was the most amazing feeling in the world! I will never forget getting in the door sitting on the couch with Brewster Mike and Brooke and passing out! we all had a well deserved nap!! the next few weeks brought Christmas and a wave of visitors from all over the country!

The year that was 2013 felt like a huge tornado of new experiences mostly as a new mom watching her daughter discover the world from as close as her crib mobile to as far as the beaches in Jamaica for Anisa and Morgans amazing wedding which was so much fun and we felt so blessed to be at and a part of! to Qualicum Beach and Vancouver (twice) to the Mountains in Panarama and even a weekend get away in Banff. This little girl had a few big experiences in her first year. Mike and I loved every moment of it!!

There was action at home too! the floods in Calgary were an eye opener in more ways than one... on one hand how distructive water is and on the other how people can gather and make a really tough situation manageamble. I know everyone did what they could to help out in any way that they could.

With that came the Calgary Stampede Brookes first!! no way we would miss that experience! I LOVE the Stampede and aside from the year I was not living in the country I have never missed it. I am so proud of the Stampede and what they did to pull resources together to make sure that the show went on come "Hell or High Water" I would also like to point out that they had a company come in from the states to help with the recovery as to not pull resources from the Calgarians who needed it most. There was a lot of controversy surrounding the fact that so much effort went in to making sure this tradition was not missed in our city and I for one am so happy with the way that it did play out.

So we took Brooke to the Stampede grounds on Sneak A Peak as to avoid any large crowds as she was still pretty little. Mom and dad joined us and Mike and I were even able to pop into Nashville North for a beer........ Blaire was concieved this night.

6 weeks later I knew something was up!!!! after one failed pregnancy test a few weeks prior after feeling sensations I had only ever felt before while pregnant I KNEW we were having another child! ( this all after we had decided to try right away then took it back saying no no we should hold off and put some money away...... looks like fate had a hand in this one)

In the time that we thought we were not pregnant we made a pretty huge plan to rent our home out in Auburn Bay and move in with my parents ( who we are so thankful for every day!)
after trying it out on Kijiji to see if we could get any bites a few days after coming up with this plan we had a lease signed and damage deposit on the way..... ( when I say I am going to do something it usually happens within a matter of hours... not little things like the dishes or cleaning my room but massive life changing decisions...)

to sum it up this is how the end of summer looked .. ready? because it was insane..
1. Pack ( This took a long time because Brooke was TERRIFIED of the sound of packing tape)
2. Go on a family vacation to BC - Vancouver and Qualicum Beach.. this was the last time we saw my Grandpa Hank who passed in September as a result of Cancer..... SO HAPPY we made this trip and even though it was a gloomy one we managed to create some fantastic family memories... my sister was even with us!
3. Start and complete a development in my parents basement to consist of a livingroom bedroom and washroom ( Brooke is lucky and has her own room at mom and dads already) ... in a matter of 2 weeks (Dad managed this.... how im not too sure)
4. Complete a storage room in our Auburn Bay house to hold MOST of our life until we return.
5. Clean the house so that it in fact looks the way it did when we moved in .. with the help of my mom and Rhonda this was completed.... amazingly.... I wanted to unpack everything right there and just start over again in our house! ... October isnt so far away right?
6. Have my good friend and roomie from Florida days Steffi and her boyfriend Dennis come visit for 5 days from GERMANY! it was an amazing time... it has been almost 9 years since we met and she is still someone that I can pick up with like nothing has ever changed! ( 2015 our turn to visit you!)
7. Be a part of and attend one of the most beautiful days I will ever experience! Watching Amber Ali and Rares Caraba tie the knot was special for everyone who knows them and I am so lucky and proud that they are such a huge part of our lives! ( Brooke has amazing god parents and people to look up to)
8. Celebrate the life of a man that is deeply missed all the time by his entire family XO Grandpa Hank
9. .................. Breathe and finally realize we are pregnant!!!!!

I think that all happened within 5 weeks... which in my opinion is crazy...... I forgot that in May we also fostered a 6 week old Puppy named Molly for 4 weeks while her new parents Meghan and Code waited for their amazing home to become THEIRS .. she is doing so well and such a good dog because of them!

... Now I have changed careers working with Morrison homes as a New Home Sales Assistant in Mahogany. Brooke is loving the fact that I am still with her every morning until at least noon and I have 2 days off in the week to spend just Mommy Daughter time! LOVE IT !! in all of that Mike alsp changed careers!! he went from Glass to Granite he is loving it and works with the best group of people!

In a very short 3 months we are expecting our second Daughter Blaire Elizabeth Page.... this pregnancy has FLOWN by and I have been horrible at remembering the fact that I am growing a child ( dont worry im not out boozing it up every night or anything lol) now that she is rolling around like crazy she is hard to forget about which I am thankful for!

  OK now you are all caught up!! I PROMISE I am going to be better at this this time!!!!! it had been a while since my hands were on an actual computer! ( smart phones will be the death of us all)

Remember.. I cant spell so dont judge me.

Hope everyone had an amazing 2013 and that 2014 is shaping up to make some of your wildest dreams come true!