Sunday, 24 June 2012

... This is the last straw.

Hello world, how you been?

I have been such a busy bee getting life on track and what not! Baby B is growing inside me at a quick pace and I am starting to feel that flutter moms talk about! I can not Wait till Mike can connect with this bean and feel it rolling around and kicking inside me!

Some of you have been wondering about my experience a few weeks back! here is the full story and how Baby B and I had our first operation together.

The last few months have been somewhat interesting. After entering my second trimester I was experiencing what 2 doctors and a hospital were calling heart burn...... ( heart burn is not in your back ps.) also I have seen more doctors in the last 20 weeks than in my entire lifetime!

These attacks were coming on usually in the evening and started out as a little annoyance and grew into what I can confidently call the most painful night of my life. After a few hours of discomfort at home and then a few more at my parents house ( I was in hysterics and Mike just does not have the motherly touch) Mom and I decided at 3 am it was time to go to the Hospital and not leave until something was done. This pain set in so quickly and out of the blue that the only response my body had was to throw up what felt like everything my stomach had to give and violently try to dispose of my organs!.. that's what it felt like anyways.

SO after 6 hours of waiting to see a Dr I was super brave.. got an IV and multiple blood tests ( I had NO fear of needles that day) took whatever I needed to in order to figure this out and get the pain to go away. Morphine was the only thing that worked to actually have me relax and get some sleep. I then had an ultrasound in the afternoon here it was decided the Gallbladder had to be removed. A lot of pregnant women go through this I guess the hormones in your body create some sort of reaction. THIS WAS SO SCARY.

My mom and dad had just left the hospital leaving Mike and I to make the first parenting decision we would make for our Little 13 week old bean. After a lot of talking and a lot of tears we decided that it would be better for everyone if we had it removed considering the amount of stress and pain Baby B and I were going through.

and so started my first ever over nighter alone in the hospital! Mom and Mike stayed with me as long as they could and I passed out. The next morning at about 11 am they came to get me... Now I have never been in for an operation have never been put under have never had to wear a hospital gown nothing. . . thank goodness. I feel pretty bad for the porter who took me down to the prep area for surgery I balled the whole way lol looking back I should have sucked it up but I guess by that time I was just spent. Mom stayed with me until they took me in I was shaking so bad I didn't even know how to control it. I remember it looking exactly like it does in the movies and thinking just how cold and sanitary it was!

I was strapped down ( not awesome) and told to breath.. think of a place I would like to be... I thought of a beach a hammock I layed in once while in Florida and the next think I know I was waking up in a PANIC. I remember feeling like something was still down my throat and because I had been crying had no way to breathe through my nose and holy shit my stomach KILLED the words "how is the baby" could not come out fast enough!!!!! then the oxygen mask was thrown on my face and I was staring up at 4 ladies trying to calm me down... first things first I thought ... just breathe then get them to find the heartbeat for Baby B then get this pain to go away. while I caught my breath ate some ice chips and had morphine pumped back into my body they looked for the little bean. I have never heard a more amazing noise than that of my baby after thinking it could be gone.

Now that I was doped up and found my mom in the hallway life was good. next step get all the gas out of my stomach as they pumped me full and used cameras and tools to get that horrible useless organ out of my body!!

Mike was in Red Deer for work at the time but it was a relief to speak with him after it was all done we both have never felt such a wave of emotion... yet. Thank you to Kathryn and Sue, Bella Savannah as well as Melanie for coming to visit and a HUGE thank you to Mom and Dad for taking me in for the week while Mike was away and helping me get better :) I love your couch. Oh and to nurse Brewster for giving me hours of cuddles and kisses.

SO NOW! we are 19 weeks along I am feeling like a HUMAN BEING AGAIN  and after a pretty dramatic 40 pound weight loss I am happy to be eating again and having more of an appetite. Now to let this little baby grow strong and healthy for another 21 weeks!!!

This Thursday June 28th Mike and I will be finding out if Baby B will be a baby Girl or Boy we are so excited to bond.. to stop calling it .. it and to start preparing for the days that it will be in the world!
I will be sure to post when we know and to start posting more than I was.

PLEASE SEND ME MEAL IDEAS love the support and the encouragement I am going to hit up more aquacize along with try out a few prenatal yoga classes coming up. I will keep you posted and I swear there will be no more hospital stories!!!

SO excited about life and our family !!!

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