Wednesday, 11 April 2012

What the..........beep.

WELLLLL HELLO WORLD! I am back in action!

Most of you may think that after my last blog post about my crazy health issues that my life could probably not get any more confusing.... it did.

On the Tuesday night after all the crazy hospital stuff I was feeling really tired and just off not surprising after the weekend I had just had however I though that maybe I should take a pregnancy test as things were just not feeling right ... I mean it would be negative anyways but at least it would be ruled out. So my loving Hubby brought me home two tests I took one immediately.. I was no stranger to pregnancy tests Mike and I had decided after the wedding that we would give it a whirl stop being careful and see if we could get pregnant however about 2 months ago we decided to stop because there was  a lot going on and the timing just did not feel right. So every other test 1 line would show up and I would wait for the magical second line... it never showed..... until this day when I was totally not expecting it sure enough clear as day an immediate double whammie .... my first thoughts.... my medication must be throwing me off.

I stepped out into the living room pee stick in hand and in disbelief said .. what ... the ... beep.

Mike could barely contain himself he was sooooo excited and there I was just a robot wondering how the heck this could have happened! .. well we all know how it happens but you know after all those times we were wanting it and totally consumed by it.. this is the time it happens... I know people say that all the time just relax have fun and you will get pregnant I just truly did not believe it to be true... I am proof.

We called my parents over who were under the impression Mike had been bit by a dog ( which he actually had but it was not bad) and I said I could not deal with one more thing I just wanted them both to come over (this is at 9pm... I love my parents) and after they walked past my perfectly placed visible pee stick and went straight to Mike to see if he was ok I picked it up and asked them if they were ready to be grandparents .. which they are and they are going to be the best! I drank ginger ale as they drank champagne ... I was still a robot so I took another test I refused to get too excited before I knew it was real.... and another two lines just looking back at me.

After a few appointments and some confusing conclusions and 4 weeks later I am now at 8.5 weeks 2 whole months. we have seen the ultrasound of the little jellybean and its heart fluttering away!! 151 beats a min! I never thought that this lifestyle change would actually turn into the biggest lifestyle change of my life!!!

Pregnancy for me has been EXHAUSTING but as people have been telling me it is a construction zone its going to be tiring! I have gotten over my fear of blood tests and I go today to get the word that everything is ok and we have a healthy baby growing in there. I know we told everyone a month earlier than the three month mark but I am confident that we are going to be just fine and if not we have the support of everyone we know...... let me tell you I have never been so afraid of something I can not control!!! the next 3 weeks need to fly by!

I went out today and picked up a pregnancy work out video specific for first second and third trimester along with post baby boot camp! I am down 11 pounds from when I started the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and I am hoping to keep you updated on everything I am trying to do to stay healthy and strong for this lil Baby Bean.

Thank you everyone for your support through this it has been a crazy crazy 2 months so far and I can only imagine what the next 31.5 weeks will bring!

If you have any great recipes I am always looking for more meals I can create at home and any new pregnant person advice is always appreciated!!

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