Tuesday, 13 March 2012


27 hours in Urgent Care
5 different doctors in 4 days
3 blood thinner injections to the stomach
2 chest x-rays
1 leg vein ultrasound
1 blood test

Figuring out exactly what I knew on my first visit .... priceless.

All I can say is holy shit the South Calgary Urgent Care Centre has got to get it together.

So you are probably wondering what this is all about, Thursday night I had come down with what felt like the flu, normal chills and sweats and all that jazz so I had a bath before bed. When I got out I reached for something on a shelf and my ankle ( which had not rolled recently or had any pressure on it at the time) went into some sort of spazz attack. you know that feeling you get when you are going to crack your ankle and the pain right before it does... well the pain didn't go away and it didn't crack and I could not stand on it what so ever ... I looked down and all I could see were all of the veins in my foot like ready to explode.. mike helped me to bed and at about 5 am the pain went away. I went to work thinking ok Ill go get some medication for this flu or cold or whatever at lunch. I told Amber ( who I am not only BFF's with but we also work together) about my foot and ow odd it was. She immediately asked me if it was the same leg I have had problems with over the last 6 months... and yes yes it was. So the problems with my leg .. it started every few months I would get a burning hot to touch numb part of my outer lower calf... I just thought it was odd then it happened every few weeks then every few days and sometimes now it lasts for days. SOOoooo it was decided through many good friends and family I should go to Urgent Care as a quick Internet research showed that it could be a blood clot.

Got to Urgent care with a crazy Fever going on and a really elevated heart rate so I did not have to wait too long.. I was brought back and told this story twice to the nurse and the Dr neither of which really paid any attention to the leg issue as they were worried about my heart at that point. So I was told to calm down have some Tylenol and water so I did and I was feeling a bit better Then the nurse strolls in with a basket full of NEEDLES WTF .. I have not had a needle for YEARS like 11 years and last time I had to get tested I pretty much crawled under my moms dashboard and told her she was the worst person I knew. .. anyways Mike was not there yet and I didn't have anyone to hide behind soo I had to man up.. and I did it .. needless to say my heart rate jumped again.. they even used a baby needle on me lol. Then I was wisped away to get a chest xray.. at this point I had no idea why. After a few hours of waiting for blood test results again had no idea what I was being tested for and the xray results to come back it was all figured out, or so I thought.

I was told that I have pneumonia and was given the antibiotics.. ok that explains the foggy part in my lung. I was then told that I need to get an ultrasound on my leg to figure out if there is a clot and seeing as it was now past closing time at that office I would have to wait until Monday .. but guess what I had to get blood thinner shots all weekend until this happened... so back to the Urgent Care every day....awesome my fave thing to do.

So we left feeling a bit of relief knowing about at least one thing going on. We went to my parents house as they had naturally taken care of Brewster through the evening. Mike and I left and I had crazy chills so I was wrapped in a blanket like a doll for the whole ride home. When we got home I finally ate something and took my first pill and Tylenol I was told I had to take 2 every 4 hours. to keep the fever and heart rate down... no biggie. About 5 mins after this I had CRAZY chest pains that felt like massive heart burn all around my chest and back... enough to freak Mike out so he called health like where I got to tell my story yet again. they said it was safe to say I was going to need to go to the Rockyview. SO in a panic I called my mom and off we went. were I got to tell my story 5 more times. The pain went away on the car ride there and did not come back at all and while I was sitting alone in the back with a room full of super sick ppl I felt me fever break and as I was looking at the clock reading 4 am Mike finally got to come back.. he had the smarts to ask when I was to be seen.... I was still 14th in line.. I asked if I could leave because honestly if it were a clot in my chest I felt like it would probably be an urgent thing where I would have been taken care of pretty quickly so we made the decision to come home and rest.

Saturday was so lazy I slept a lot. Mike did a million things around the house and even got Brewster bathed washed and clipped at the spa!! lucky guy. We went to Urgent Care again which was not a big deal every day at 5 I had to go so whatever I was just going to get one thing and was told it would be fast tracked so yay. yah no I got there and told them about the chest pain the night before meaning it was a whole other thing they needed to check out ( told my story 3 more times) finally got back and was told that I needed and ECG which was quick and then they let Mike back. now THIS DR decided I might not even have pneumonia and thought my blood tests came back negative for signs of DVT..good now at least I knew what they were looking for ( Deep Vein Thrombosis.... blood clot) so he lowered my dose of blood thinner and I was stabbed yet again.

Sunday was fine we went in fast tracked told my story again 3 more times got my needle and left.. perfect. However I was not sleeping at night because of the coughing so I was getting a little rough. Monday came and I went for my ultrasound... it was strange! first one of those! then I was told I had to go back to Urgent Care... damnit.

Back we went at 3:30 hoping that it would just be in and out figuring out it they saw anything.. at least that is what I was told.. told my story 6 times this day.... at this point i am wondering why the hell is this not on my chart!!!???? anyways I was told that the Ultrasound was clear YAY so in my mind it was all ok! but no wait now she had to listen to my lungs and guess what!!! there was crackling in my left lung... back to X rays then thrown in a room where the more urgent patients are... thank god Mike was with me because 2 hours went by where no one even talked to us.... this got me worried. Finally a nurse told me that my blood tests were positive for DVT... totally contradicting the doctor on Saturday night. So then we waited.. for what we were not sure.... then 5 hours had gone by and our politeness had ran out. I was in tears Mike was mad and still no one had seen us and no one cared to.. I really felt like I was just passed off. I get that there were people there with worse problems than I at the time but come on I just needed to know what was going on! FINALLY at 9:45 PM a Doctor came in said they were running more tests and blah blah same old things I had been told before only this guy couldn't even get the leg this was happening to right I corrected him from left to right 4 times.... and he was reading my chart.... WTF. soooooo after a looooonnnggg very frustrating evening it was finally discussed that I would be just sent to go home have the rest of my pills know that I possibly have a clot somewhere but they didn't know. ........

Now I get to fight with my family doctors receptionist....... its been fun.

SOOO there I have it...... not much.

ANYWAYS I am going to do everything possible to ensure this never happens to me again. EVER thank god I am on this path of getting healthy. I was convinced last week by a friend to sign up for a 5K run in May and I am going to do it!! Thursday night before life came crashing down Mike and I walked 5K and its not that bad!!! so once I can breathe properly again I will be starting to learn how to run!!!!!!!!

SO here is to a better week and hopefully some answers!!!!!!!

As always thank you everyone for your support!!! still going strong have not had any POP!!! lol water and OJ all the way! oh and thank you Amber B for adding me to Pinterest! also I am sorry if the story makes no sense ... its been a long 5 days.

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