Monday, 5 March 2012

The next level

Alright... time to step it up a notch. I decided I was ready for level 2 of the 30 day shred..... it may have to do with the fact that I did not work out yesterday and literally Mike and I sat on the couch and watched an entire days worth of movies and TV... I have been promising him this day for about 3 years; I keep us pretty busy out of the house. None the less I was feeling pretty bad about not doing ANYTHING yesterday.

I had a plan... get home, change, put dinner on, work out (feel like I could do a million things because I just finished a level 2 work out), eat, chat with the hubster then blog no TV ( aside from me video that does not count).

This is how my night actually went... home, chat... walk the dog for an hour together, make dinner, work out  (DIE ON THE COUCH), eat dinner ( half the portion I normally would.. yay me!) watch Canada's got talent ... blog then probably bed. So it was not really that off.

As I was working out to like the worst 20 mins ever... planking is the worst thing known to man.. I don’t event care about the skip rope anymore... but plank then twist your body... I will master that somehow... I don’t know what I did with it today, but as my husband watched holding the dog back( again I have to tell you about Brewster sometime) all he could say was "ummm maybe that’s not quite it, or hey! Maybe you should watch the easier version girl ( you know how they have like the pro example girl and the easy girl.. he was right) all I could think was this is so not the way this move should look.

 DAMNIT I HAVE DONE THIS IN MY LIFE ALREADY!!!! I lost a ton of weight while working in Florida ( 7 years ago) probably a combo of running my butt everywhere in the heat as I am usually late for things, swimming, the fear of having to be in a bathing suit .. (a lot) and the fact that most of us would pick to use our wages to drink adult beverages instead of eat ( where my love of wine came from).... yah that’s pretty much how it went, I didn’t really care how I shred it all, my care was I was coming home looking and feeling better than I ever have when I looked in a mirror or saw a picture, and you know what ... half of that was a killer tan. ( I hate snow and paleness ...however Amber once told me it’s better to be pale than eff with your DNA ... all you fake n bakers out there... every time I go to a tanning bed her voice is in my mind... I like my DNA... I think) anyways, what I am trying to say is, I HAD THE BODY I WANTED the look I wanted everything.. Only thing is I had no idea how to keep it. So as the partying continued I was back home, where food was free and I was not forced to run around all of Disney World or be in a bathing suit aside from the 3 month summer we see here. I just let it all go,... looking back I could slap myself.

Something that comes with age ( 27 this year.. what the hell! I was JUST turning 25) is learning how to give yourself the tools to succeed. DVD's, Gym, Zumba, Dance, Hiking  whatever it is I know I just need to stay active and try new things. Also know that when I eat that chicken Mcnugget ( yes even just one) it is going to stay in my hip for like EVER .... Mostly I think it is finding a balanced life, taking advice from those that have been here and know what works for them and looking at the long term goal. I know this is not going to happen overnight but as it does I will feel better than that girl who came back from Florida because I am doing it right. That being said!! could you send me your tricks of the trade what you do to make living a healthy lifestyle work for you?

FYI. Still have had NO POP.. Saturday night this last weekend I drank water. Last night I treated myself to one glass of wine.. Not a 9 oz more like a 6 oz and it made me so happy to have a treat! again Thank you to everyone for your support! I can feel the love and that helps so much!!!

PS. could someone please add me to Pinterest!!!!! I can not friggen figure out how to get in!!!! ... the button that says request an invite is a liar.

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  1. Already increasing your workout!! Man I wouldn't be able keep up to you if I tried. Keep up the good work my friend, 5k here you come!!