Thursday, 23 February 2012


Blogging hey.... so many people do it, I guess it is the new Journal .. only people can read it..... I may be re- thinking this whole idea, then again I do not leave much for people to guess at in my life anyways. That is the way it has always been, if you know me you probably know EVERYTHING about me and you chose to stick around. Still the idea of writing things out and having people read them probably scares me more because I am the worst writer .. spelling, grammer you name it we are not friends.. however I am good at word vommit.. telling you exactly what is going through my head as it spills out on ... well this is not paper, screen we will go with screen. DO NOT JUDGE ME or correct me.. this is my journal and that would be annoying.

Anyways.. I decided to start a blog as I am on a new track in life!! well I am starting to stay on a track in life without falling off of it like I have so many times. I am hoping  writing about it will keep the motivation up to get some weight off. Yes my problem is weight!! ( shocking I know.. J/K)   I am sure there will be many different random stories that occur probably about my crazy dog or my husband who I am sure thinks I am a nutbar ( he loves me anyways). So here we go... this is a blog post.. the very first one! Meep! ( That is my excited noise FYI)

Change my eating habits...  * Eat breakfast *Cook more( ok start cooking) *Do not eat out every day for lunch *Eat at the dining room table ( not the couch) *Do the dinner thing before 7pm *Make sure I eat something green with every meal *Start to ENJOY cooking ( that comes after starting to cook) *Drink more water *Drink less wine ( Damn) *Eat an apple at 3pm (Not a cookie)* No more pop.


Start to do the things I say I will when it comes to physical activity.....Go to the gym ( as a schedule) * Start the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred..every day * Start to run outside ( not that I ran inside.. so start to general) 


Blog about it ... weekly... not just this one time.

So... thank you for sticking with me, thank you for pushing me and thank you for accepting my crazy ideas friends... this will be fun!

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