Monday, 27 February 2012

Week number one!

First off I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone for their support and encouragement with not only starting this blog but starting a big change in my life!

About two weeks ago I was getting ready for work .. tried about 3 different pairs of dress pants on that last year I thought were my fat pants.... surprise they are this year’s skinny pants.. Damnit I knew there was a reason I had been avoiding them. See that is the problem with me I just avoid things that will actually confirm what I know in my head... clothing and scales are my most avoided objects to deal with. This time last year was 6 months to my wedding something I knew that if I gained any more weight before I could quite possibly not fit in my dress so there was the fear of that over my head ( Fear works for me) not that I lost any weight at that time I just kept it at bay you know?

6 months ago I was married and it was the happiest day of my life and usually I look at pictures and say.. well I didn’t THINK I looked that big, but for my wedding I thought that was the way I was supposed to look it was everything I could have wanted I was not going to starve myself or go crazy to be the smallest I have ever been for my wedding I just enjoyed it all. After the wedding was said and done we went on our honeymoon... ok beach and bathing suits etc etc that’s when I wished I hit the gym an extra day out of the week and skipped a wine party here or there but what the hell I was with my husband and everything was magical anyways. We got home and that attitude did not change.. we just continued to eat and drink and be merry for the last 6 months.. and my body has paid for it.....

Oh yah the realization factor... so after trying on every pair of dress pants I had before resorting back to my usual boring black dress pants that actually fit ( mad face) I realized something had to give and it was me I was stopping myself from making myself feel great ... because trust me not fitting your own clothes is just horrid.

I decided I needed a plan I would stick to and the 30 day shred had been suggest by a few friends after reading some reviews I ran out one lunch hour grabbed the video that I had picked up and looked at and placed back down probably 4 times in the last six months, picked up my weights and purchased it all... no turning back now!!!

That night I thought about what would stop me the next morning from getting into the routine .. what would stand in my way ... ( Laziness that’s what) so Mike ( my oh so supportive husband) cleared the living room with me getting rid of all the Brewster( my oh so crazy dog) toys and bed and I actually learned how to make the DVD player work!!!! we went to bed that night and I made Mike promise to get me out of bed in the morning with him so that I would not just hit the snooze button 6 times which is my normal course of action.

Alarm went off.... uughhhhhhhhhhh ok you can do this and the nagging in my ear to get out of bed helped I HATE that first 10 mins of waking up it’s the worst. OK change then work out ... its only 20 mins. WAIT. I had to take a before pic.. I mean if I was going to do this I needed to see myself at my worst.. so I took the pic which for obvs reasons ( like it’s my pic of me at my worst) it will not be posted, also why the heck did I not do it the night before you can tell in this pic that it is within that span of 10 mins where I want to push anyone over who gets in my way.

Now that the 10 mins of grogginess and annoyance was gone it was time to do this .. water in hand dog paying close attention to what was happening in HIS play space. Mike made sure I turned on the DVD  and walked out but not before saying "Babe YOU WORK OUT!!" like the LMFAO song.. Instantly made my morning worth it. Before I knew it the 20 mins had begun and you know what it was not that bad (Brewster had his own issues which I will save for a whole other day) but i was actually enjoying this intense 3 2 1 system. UNTIL jump rope with no rope my legs were killing me !!!! once it was over however it was amazing 20 MINS that’s nothing!!!! off to make my morning shake! perfect! Sheer satisfaction.

That was the first step the first thing I really wanted to make sure I do every day!!! and I have been good!!! it has been awesome to get that little punch of heart rate racing at one point in the day! it has not always been mornings which this week I will be pushing myself to do because I feel it is a great way to start the day and it really is a whole other kind of energy after you have a great work out long or short it’s just doing more than I was before!!

SO that’s that!!! I will be writing again soon I have a lot of things going on in my life directly related to keeping me on track and I am so excited to start trying them out or to start seeing the benefits from the things I am already doing!

PS. I am proud to say I have had NO pop and on Saturday I drank vodka &water with a little bit of cran to replace the wine.... it did the trick... a little too well.

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